The Nocturnal Readers Box January | Subscription Box

Oh Nocturnal Readers Box, my love for you grows and grows and I fear I will soon explode with horror much like the books contained within.

The Nocturnal Readers box is a Monthly subscription box for fans of speculative fiction, it features one new release and one previously released book and a bunch of bookish goodies each month

This month we have a print called “Swan” by Vitor Willemann. I must say this months print is one of my favourites! Just look at it, so dark and mysterious and it needs to be on my wall now.

Everything That’s Underneath is our new release this month, a collection of short stories. I’m hoping the stories within have the same vibes as the books title which I am digging.

Hell hound is our previous release this month and reminds me of cujo, therefore, I’m already a fan.

A Bates Motel magnet!!! I’m so about this, it’s similar to our Derry magnet and they are both now sitting happily on my fridge.

Poe costers!!! Love Love Love

A second Poe item! Nocturnal Readers box deserve some serious props for their pins, they are always so on point.

Rosemary’s Baby Socks! They look awesome, I really need to watch this… and now I can watch it in style! Clearly, my brain was waiting till I received these to belatedly get on the Rosemary’s Baby bandwagon.

Devil crept in keychain! So subtle and so perfect

I love this new tweak to the bookmarks!  I haven’t seen this done anywhere before and hope to see more like it in the future!

As always, brilliant! Honestly, this subscription box is always so perfect and without a doubt the most worth the money and the best out there. If you are looking for a box that is always original and high quality that also helps you discover new authors, you have found it.

Also, they might be adding true crime soon … **crosses fingers and toes**